Healing Hearts Centre is committed to providing emotional healing to those who have been affected with life issues either at home, work or within their sphere of life.

Through wholistic counselling, psychotherapy and coaching, the centre seeks to extend support and resources to equip and empower individuals, couples and families so as to see them lead and experience fulfilled and joyous lives.

At the same time, the centre offers pre-marital counselling services, and is also one of the only providers of Play Therapy in Singapore for children, youths and adults. It also provides consultations to schools and organizations through the forms of counselling, training, workshops and the facilitation of support groups in order to assist organizations in providing work-life balance and staff welfare.

Professionals from Healing Hearts Centre are members of the following professional bodies:

  • American Counseling Association
  • Australian Counselling Association
  • Australian Counselling Association College of Supervisors
  • International Association of Counselling
  • Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (Singapore)
  • Association of Play Therapy
  • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts


For many practitioners who are thinking of entering into private practice, the process of setting up and the thought of business management can be daunting. These customised coaching consultations will guide professionals through the setup process, including the setting up of a playroom – toys, space, methods of work, and building a thriving practice.

Expressive Arts and Play Therapy is an empirically supported counselling treatment for individuals, couples and families founded on the developmental and healing properties of play.

Play is essential to the optimal brain development of a child and at the same time, it is also critical for adults who had experienced traumatic events in allowing them to express and communicate via the different mediums of play (art, sandtray, puppets, etc.) symbolically where words could not be used in describing. It would allow them to access the unconscious, enabling them to make meaning of their experiences and to work through these traumatic and distressing events within a safe and nurturing relationship.

Training and workshops pertaining to a variety of topics are provided for both professionals and the general public.

Customised skills trainings and topical workshops are also available.

Customised training and workshops pertaining to a variety of topics on emotional and mental wellness, and on workplace communication and relationships can be provided for company employees. In addition, in-house counselling services for companies and their employees can also be arranged.

Profiling assessments for individuals, couples and families can be done to enable better understanding and awareness of self and others.

This customised program is for couples who are either thinking of marriage or are already engaged.

The program is fully personalised according to the needs of the couple and will cover key issues such as communication, financial expectations and budget management, family of origin issues, sexual intimacy and family planning.

Program will include personality and communication profiling.

Professional and Clinical Supervision are provided to professionals currently in the mental health field. This includes those applying Counselling as well as Play Therapy approaches.

This is the process whereby a professional can identify changes in their micro skills that are required in order to cope with issues of one or more clients. Through this process of undergoing professional and clinical supervision, professionals will also receive protection pertaining delivery of poor practices to the public.

Supervision sessions will also include self-awareness of the emotional and mental health of the professional.

Psychotherapy and Counselling services are provided in order to help individuals understand and gain insight into the difficulties they may be experiencing.

Strictly confidential, this service will help individuals develop emotional resilience, and put into effect practical skills, which will enable them to fulfill their potential and to live life to the fullest.

Research has shown that groups are an efficient and effective modality for interventions with school-aged children, teenagers and young adults.

Through psycho-educational and psychotherapeutic groups utilizing various approaches, these sessions are frequently used to guide children in areas such as skills training, emotional regulation, violence prevention, grief and self-harm.

Sessions are customizable depending on the needs of the target group that the school is looking at.



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    Our Dry Sand tray is crafted in accordance to Sandplay and Sandtray Therapy standard dimensions. Painted with a light blue interior and a natural wood exterior, then sealed with a durable finish coat.

    Sand tray cover is an add-on option to keep the dust out or the sand from being blown by the wind.

    Premium fine white sand for the sand tray is specially imported for use in the sand tray. It is top quality and has a smooth feel suited for therapy.

    Item Dimensions / Quantity Price
    Dry Sand Tray (Plywood) 30” x 20" x 4"
    3" (Internal Depth)
    Sand Tray Cover (Optional) 30" x 20" x 1/2" $50
    Premium Fine White Therapy Sand 20lbs / 9KG $50
    Delivery (Singapore) Singapore Only $25
    Overseas Shipping Rates based on shipping quantity  

    Interest Parties, please contact:
    David Choo,
    M: +65 97711377,
    E: davidchoo@healingheartsctr.com



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